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testosterone propionate half life

Combination drug whose action is due to a complex of essential amino acids and vitamins in a balanced proportion of its constituent.

The complex is designed to accelerate the regeneration of the structural components of cells, normalizes metabolism, stimulate the immune defense of the body. Helps prevent age-related changes in the body, accelerate the recovery of health during convalescence and / or fatigue, reduces the damaging effect testosterone propionate half life of environmental factors, it prevents the effects of vitamin A deficiency. Thanks to a special granulation technology bioavailability reaches 98%.

The functional significance and influence of the essential amino acids:

L-isoleucine – is required for formation of hemoglobin and normal skin growth. It stabilizes and regulates blood sugar levels. It accelerates the process of energy production, increases stamina and helps to restore muscle tissue. Of L-leucine – an energy source at the cellular level. It contributes to the restoration of bones and tissues. Of particular importance in the recovery period after surgery, diseases, injuries. Of L-lysine hydrochloride – is involved in the production of hormones, enzymes, promotes the formation of collagen. Essential for normal formation and bone growth in children. It promotes the absorption of calcium in adults. Has expressed an antiviral effect. Of L-phenylalanine – regulates the function of the thyroid gland. It promotes higher mental functions. It has a mild antidepressant effect.Increases efficiency. Of L-threonine – participates in the formation of collagen and elastin. Has lipotropic properties it helps prevent fatty liver. It activates the body’s immune system. Prevents the development of fatty liver disease. L-tryptophan – involved in the synthesis of albumin and globulin, accelerates the release of growth hormone. It has antidepressant effects. It promotes relaxation and good sleep. It increases resistance to stress. It helps to reduce the negative effects of nicotine. L-valine – is necessary to normalize metabolism in muscle tissue repair and maintenance of nitrogen balance in the body. It is used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis as a means mielinezatsii. Used in the treatment of diseases that lead to amino acid deficiency (drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking). Of L-methionine – has hepatoprotective action. It activates the action of hormones, vitamins and enzymes. It lowers blood cholesterol concentrations and increases the content of phospholipids. It protects against radiation exposure. 5 hydroxyanthranilic acid hydrochloride – is a factor activating the essential amino acids using vitamins to participate in protein biosynthesis.

The functional significance of vitamins:

Ascorbic acid – essential for normal glucose uptake and glycogen formation in the liver. Involved in synthesis of hormones that regulate blood clotting in the exchange of tyrosine. Applied for the prevention of hypovitaminosis, speed up adaptation to new climatic conditions, as well as for the prevention and treatment of colds and infectious diseases. Ergocalciferol – regulates phosphorous and calcium metabolism in the body, promotes the absorption of these substances intestine and timely deposition of their growing bones. It is essential for the formation of bone tissue of the fetus. Nikotinamidm – involved in the metabolism of fats, proteins, amino acids, purines, tissue respiration. It is used for prevention and treatment of diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, atherosclerosis, healing of burns and wounds.Pyridoxine hydrochloride – is involved in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism, the synthesis of hemoglobin and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Suitable for intense physical and mental stress. Retinol Palmitate – is involved in redox processes, regulation of protein synthesis. It is necessary for the growth of new cells slows down the aging process. Used testosterone cypionate half life for the prevention of colds and infectious diseases.Riboflavin – participates in the process of cellular respiration, it affects all kinds of metabolic processes. A particularly important role in providing visual functions, the normal state of the skin and mucous membranes, the synthesis of hemoglobin. Used in the treatment of states of overvoltage and anemia. Thiamine mononitrate – has been actively involved in many metabolic processes and affects the operation of virtually every cell of the body is necessary for normal brain function, as normalizes cerebral circulation, and in addition, participates in blood formation processes . Reduces the negative effects of alcohol and tobacco, it protects the body from infectious agents and also slows the aging process. Alpha-tocopherol acetate – improves blood circulation, is necessary for tissue regeneration. It is used in treatment of premenstrual syndrome and the fibrotic breast disease. It ensures normal blood clotting and healing. Possess strong antioxidant properties. Calcium pantothenate – plays an important role in the process of acetylation and oxidation involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, the synthesis of acetylcholine, a steroid hormone and cholesterol. Adjust the height and weight, has beneficial effects on the nervous system. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. Cyanocobalamin – is important in hematopoiesis processes. In combination with folic acid contributes to the maturation of red blood cells. It provides the normal growth of the organism. It has a positive effect on the heart muscle, has anti-allergic and analgesic properties. Folic acid – essential for normal hematopoiesis, plays an important role in cell division. Participates in the formation of the placenta, ensures the growth and development of the fetus. It improves mental and physical performance.

Indications for use:

  • Prevention and replenishing amino acids and vitamins deficiency (the period of rapid growth in childhood and adolescence, pregnancy, grudovskarmlivanie (breast-feeding, breast vskarmlmvanie), advanced age)
  • Restoration of structural components of cells / restore metabolism (skin aging, increased fragility of nails, a change in the structure of hair)
  • Increased physical and mental stress, chronic fatigue cider
  • Recovery / recovery period after illness, injury, surgery, after taking antibiotics;
  • Malnutrition (including diet designed to reduce body mass);
  • Gastrointestinal disease (in combination therapy) (gastritis, enteritis, colitis, etc.);
  • (In the complex therapy) liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty degeneration)
  • (In the treatment of chronic kidney disease (nephropathy)
  • (In the complex therapy) cancer (improves efficiency and facilitates the portability of radiation and chemotherapy)
  • (In the complex therapy) male infertility (spermatogenesis disorder)


  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Children under 3 years of age;
  • hypervitaminosis;

Dosage and administration:

Inside, regardless of meals, drinking plenty of water. If it is impossible to swallow capsules whole allowed to stir Contents of warm water, milk or liquid food, having a neutral environment. The granule mix is taken immediately, its storage testosterone propionate half life (without the capsule shell) is unacceptable.

For prevention:

  • From 3 to 6 years appoint 1 capsule per day;
  • Children older than 6 years and adults – 2 capsules per day;

Preventive course of not less than 3 months. If necessary, it may be continued or repeated.

For the treatment of:

  • Children from 3 to 6 years old – 1 capsule per day;
  • From 6 to 12 years – 2 capsules 3 times a day;
  • Children over 12 and adults appoint 1-2 capsules 3 times a day;

The treatment course is not less than 2 months and may be extended or repeated as necessary.

During pregnancy:

  • In the I trimester – 1 capsule per day;
  • In II and III trimester appointed to 2 capsules per day;

Side effects:

Allergic reactions to components of the preparation


In case of overdose, seek medical attention. Treatment: a temporary cessation of the drug, gastric lavage, activated charcoal, symptomatic therapy.

Interaction with other drugs:

  • Ascorbic acid slows down barbiturates, salicylates, sulfonamides;
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride, levodopa decarboxylation increases in peripheral tissues;
  • Isoniazid reduces the effectiveness of pyridoxine;
  • Oral contraceptives (estrogens) increase in serum concentration of retinol palmitate and ascorbic acid, folic acid reduces the concentration;

Special instructions:

Do not use concomitantly with other drugs containing vitamins. In diabetes drug is recommended after consultation with a doctor. oxydrolone